Constitution & Bylaws
Asian American Republicans of Minnesota

Be it resolved that we, the Asian American Republicans of Minnesota, have chosen to organize and establish a political organization, to be known as the Asian American Republicans of Minnesota. The purpose of the Asian American Republicans of Minnesota shall be to promote the principles and ideas of the Republican Party throughout the Asian American Community.

It is the intent and purpose of this Constitution and Bylaws to encourage and facilitate the broadest possible participation of Asian American citizens in the activities, organizations, and leadership process of the Republican Party.

We hold forth that the values of the Asian American family are consistent with the values promulgated by the Republican Party. These values include maintaining a strong work ethic, promoting religious convictions, demonstrating patriotism, integrating into mainstream American society, and cherishing the principles of self-reliance and independence.

Article I — Name and Address

The name of the organization shall be the Asian American Republicans of Minnesota, and shall, also, be know as “AARM”. The address shall be designated by the Chair of AARM.

Article II — Structure and Affiliations

AARM will serve as the state governing body of the local and county members of the Asian American Republican community. As the governing body, AARM will collect dues from its members statewide, authorize and certify the creation of local Asian American Republican communities, reaffirm the good standing of established local communities, and require the timely submission of copies of rosters and any bylaws from these communities. AARM do not lay claim to any assets, financial or otherwise, that are the property of local communities. AARM do not assume liability for a debt of, or fines, penalties or judgments imposed on, local communities.

Article III — Objectives

Section 1. Purpose: The Purpose of the Asian American Republicans shall be:

a. To support the Constitution and laws of the United States of America and Minnesota.

b. To support the principles, objectives and platforms of the Republican Party of the United States of America and the Republican Party of Minnesota.

c. To develop and maintain a strong, effective and informed Republican Asian American Constituency throughout the State of Minnesota.

d. To recruit and encourage qualified Republican Asian Americans to seek office at all levels of government.

e. To elect Republican candidates to office at all levels of government.

f. To adopt resolutions and policy positions on local, state and national issues and to implement them through networks of the Republican Party and other appropriate

g. To promote and encourage citizen participation in Republican activities and in the American political process.

Article IV — Duration and Jurisdiction

The duration of AARM shall be perpetual. The Jurisdiction of the shall be within the legal boundaries of the State of Minnesota.

Article V — Membership

Section 1a. Voting membership shall be comprised of Asian Americans who reside in Minnesota, who are registered to vote in Minnesota, who have paid for voting membership dues, and who are deemed to be in good standing by AARM.

Section 1b. Associate membership shall be available to Asian Americans and those of non-Asian ethnic background (open to all ethnic backgrounds) who are citizens and permanent residents of the United States of America and wish to be identified with AARM. Associate members are non-voting members unless specified by AARM Board of Directors.

Section 2a. Dues for voting membership and non-voting membership shall be decreed annually by AARM Executive Committee, hereafter referred to as the “EC”. Membership will be completed when an application for membership and payment for the appropriate amount of dues are received by AARM.

Section 2b. Membership dues are for a 12-month period and must be renewed on an annual basis. The EC may create appropriate guidelines.

Section 3b. Members who wish to become Delegates and Alternates to the Minnesota Republican Party State Convention and/or State Central Committee Convention must be a U.S. Citizen at the time of the election of the Delegates and Alternates.

Article VI — Organization

Section 1a. The EC shall have the authority to serve as the general management board for the AARM subject to: 1) its own policies and procedures, 2) the policies and procedures prescribed by the vote of the State Convention of AARM and 3) The Constitution and Bylaws of this organization.

Section 1b. No person shall be eligible to be elected as an officer of, or assume an officer position in, a local community unless that person actually lives, resides and occupies a place of abode in the area that defines that local community and is a voting member of the local community. A minimum of 10 voting members shall be required to organize a local community. There shall be only one recognized Asian American Republicans of Minnesota organization per approved region and the EC shall have the sole authority to recognize such local communities.

Article VII — Officers: Duties, Qualifications and Removal

Section 1. The Elective Officers.

The Elective Officers of the Asian American Republicans of Minnesota shall consist of a Chair, at most four Vice-Chairs, a Secretary, and a Treasure.

Section 2a. Duties of the Elective Officers

The Chair shall:

a. Serve as the official spokesperson of AARM.

b. Preside at all regular or special meetings of the EC.

c. Call, at the minimum, quarterly meetings of the EC.

d. Make qualified appointments when vacancies occur in the ranks of the Elective Officers with approval of the EC.

e. Appoint appointive officers and the chairs of all committees of AARM with the approval of the EC.

f. Submit for approval an annual budget to the EC.

g. Approve expenditures and bills relating to expenditures that are in accordance with the approved annual budget; and

h. decide whether to contract an Executive Director for AARM with the approval of the EC.

Section 2b. The Vice-President Chairs

The Vice-Chairs shall:

a. Have primary responsibility for assisting the Chair to fulfill his/her duties.

b. Temporarily assume the duties or the Chair if the Chair is indisposed or not available

c. Act as the temporary Chair in the event that the Chair resigns, is removed, or is no longer available to perform his/her duties

d. Call for a special State Convention of the AARM with EC approval, to nominate and elect a new Chair, if he/she has to serve as the temporary Chair for a period longer that six months; and

e. perform other duties as assigned by the Chair or the EC.

Section 2c. The Secretary

The Secretary shall:

a. Maintain all official correspondence of AARM.

b. Disseminate all notices of meetings.

c. Maintain the official calendar for AARM.

d. Take detailed meeting notes and present them to the Chair and Vice-Chairs for review editing and approval.

e. Compile committee reports and the Chair’s message into a quarterly report and email it to members on a quarterly basis.

Section 2d. The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

a. Oversee the accurate accounting for all funds received and disbursed by AARM.

b. Prepare quarterly financial reports for dissemination to the EC with such reports illustrating the financial posture of AARM.

c. Oversee the preparation and submission of all federal, state and local financial reports required

d. Maintain the financial records of AARM in a manner and style that would lend those records to inspection by an auditor.

e. With the approval of the Chair and if he/she deems necessary, select an Assistant-Treasurer.

f. Head the finance committee and propose plans to the Chair and Executive Committee for raising funds

g. For social and fundraising event, coordinate with the establishments

h. Keep up with membership renewals (reminders and follow ups); and

i. Together, with the Secretary, maintain an up-to-date list of members and their contact information.

Section 3. Qualification of Officers

The qualifications of elective officers, in addition to U.S. citizenship and except for the initial slate of officers, shall include that they are members in good standing.

Section 4. Removal of Officers

Elective officers may be removed from office for any of the following reasons: a) actions prejudicial, contrary to, or in violation of the Constitution and Bylaws of AARM; b) dereliction of duty; c) incompetence in office; d) misappropriations of funds; e) misconduct in office; or f) improper or immoral conduct. Charges must be in writing and they must be introduced by any member at a meeting of the EC. Removal voting must take place at the following EC meeting. At least 3 weeks before that meeting, all members must be invited and told that a vote will be called for the removal of such Elective Officers. Removal is achieved by 2/3 vote of all voting members who are actually present during the vote.

Article VIII — Executive Committee

Section 1. Composition

The Executive Committee (EC) will function as the board of directors of AARM and will exercise all the executive and administrative functions of the organization. The EC will consist of the following, all of whom have voting rights within the EC: a) The Chair b) The Vice-Chairs c) The Secretary d) The Treasurer

Section 2. Duties

The Executive Committee shall:

a. Not endorse any Republican candidate in a primary election, unless the candidate is unopposed, or a motion to endorse carries by unanimous consent.

b. Not make a financial contribution to any candidate for office, unless that candidate has won the Republican Party primary election, or nomination of the Republican Party, with the exception that contribution can be made to a Republican candidate who will be unopposed in the primary election and the filing deadline for office has expired.

c. Determine the amount of the annual dues local communities should pay, per member, to AARM.

d. Approve or reject appointments made by the Chair.

e. Approve or reject the annual budget submitted by the Chair.

f. Approve or reject the employment, by the Chair, of an Executive Director for.

g. Transact any other business, not herein specified, for the good and welfare of AARM. Any provision of the Constitution and Bylaws that may be unclear shall be constructed to give the EC the maximum flexibility to carry out the aims of AARM.

Section 3. Standing Committees

a. The Site Selection Committee shall recommend the site of the Annual Meeting to the Chair.

b. The Credentials & Membership Committee shall certify the delegates for and alternates for the State Republican Convention

c. The Rules Committee shall determine the rules for conducting business for the annual meeting

d. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall review and propose amendments to, or reconstruction of, the Constitution and Bylaws of AARM.

Section 4. Special Committees

a. The EC shall have the power to establish any special committees by a simple majority vote, which serves the best interests of AARM.

Section 5. Executive Committee Meetings

a. The EC shall meet at least quarterly, with a quorum consisting of 3 elected officers. Quarterly meetings and special meetings of the EC shall be convened by call of the President, who must provide at least 7 calendar days notice. Such notice must specify place, time, and the date of the meeting, with an outline of the proposed agenda. No proxy may be voted at any meetings of the EC. The EC may combine its meeting with meetings involving the entire membership.

Section 6. Annual Meetings

The annual meeting shall be convened once every two years, within 6 months after the date of general elections. The site and dates of the annual meeting shall be determined by the EC.

Section 7. Elections

Candidates for elective officers of AARM shall be nominated from the floor at the annual meeting. There shall not be a nomination committee. The terms of the elective officers shall be for 2 years and terms shall commence immediately upon election. Each term may extend beyond 2 years only to the extent necessary as approved by the EC. No elective officer shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms in a respective office. This term limit may be suspended for a particular candidate by a 2/3 vote of the delegates at the meeting.

Revised and Approved on the 30th day of March 2019 by voting members of the Asian American Republicans Minnesota.

St Paul, Minnesota AARM 2019 Convention, Eustis Building