About AARM

The goal of the Asian-American Republicans of Minnesota (AARM) is to build an active grassroots community that will support the beliefs and values that also demonstrate a commitment to families in the Asian American communities across the state. The Asian American communities represent a vibrant part of Minnesota and this is a tremendous opportunity to reach out statewide.

AARM is an affiliate group, recognized by the Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP), and is committed to advancing the party’s platform of Growth and Opportunity. Our affiliate group consists of various ethnicities from Asia such as: Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Pacific Islanders who believe in our party’s conservative principles and values to make the great state of Minnesota a place where the right of the people matters.

We are also proud to have Jennifer Carnahan as the Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota. She was a founding member of the Asian-American Republicans of Minnesota, and we are excited to have her lead our state to make Minnesota Red again!

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Toufong Lor, (Chair)

Allen Shen, Yazdan Bakhsh, Ryan Hackett, Sia Lo.  (Vice Chair)

Kristy Chen, (Treasurer)

(Vacant) , Secretary