AARM at the GOP Retreat

It was a distinguished opportunity and honor for AARM board members to be invited to attend the MN GOP retreat 2021 in Baxter, MN.

It was an energizing evening, as Republicans we should focus on our values, educating people on our platforms in order to take back the house and keep the senate in 2022

  • We should stand up to the “One Party” rule in DC and defend our constitutionals rights
  • We should stand up to Walz’s authoritarian actions against MN small businesses and our freedom
  • Stop teaching our kids the racist CRT, we believe that people should be judged on their characters/actions not based on skin colors
  • Keep our communities safe and fund our police departments

Special guest Congressman Pete Stauber was fired up at the retreat gave an awesome speech on protecting the lives of young and vulnerable and defending our constitutional rights for the free men and women to bear arms.

Congressman Stauber, someone who was shot and injured by a criminal with a gun is standing strong to secure our rights to defend ourselves; where the leading Democrats in Congress wants to disarm us and enjoy constant protection from armed guards, I hope we can all see the hypocrisy here.

AARM will stay committed to the cause of our conservative values.

AARM Vice Chair Yazdan B is posing with MN's future Governor Dr. Scott Jensen

Former Congressional candidate Lacy Johnson addressing the crowd 

Gubernatorial candidates answering questions from the crowd